The Process
Strict Terms and Conditions apply

What we need from you

  • Copy of the identity document and or passport of person injured in the accident;
  • A detailed description of how the accident happened;
  • Confirmation on whether the injured was a : driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist etc.;
  • Copy of the SAPS – Officers Accident Report “OAR” (if available);
  • Name and contact number of witness if any;
  • Hospital and / or Medical records (pictures will be sufficient; bed card; admission form etc.);
  • Hospital reference number and discharge form (if available)
  • Pictures of injuries (if scarring and / or surgical scarring is involved);
  • Amount applied for and reason why financial assistance is sought;
  • Contact details of spouse, husband, family member and or friend;
  • Telephone number and e-mail address of injured person and or guardian

Please note: the more information provided the easier and quicker the processing of the application will be.
MVA Fund retain the right to deny any application that does not adhere to their strict requirements. Successful applications will be paid within 30 (thirty) days of approval.